Green City Freiburg Regional Cluster

Inauguration of biochar plant and wooden pellet CHP at Energy Hill Eichelbuck

Abfallwirtschaft Stadt Freiburg ASF consistently enlarges green waste utilization

Freiburg's green waste can now be processed into wooden pellets and biochar. The first model plant in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg has been inaugurated on March 13, 2017 by Minister of the Environment, Franz Untersteller and the Lord Mayor of the City of Freiburg, Dieter Salomon.

The model plant will process about 12,000 tons of green waste per year which comes from parks and gardens all over Freiburg and its region.  About 1,000 tons will be used in a unique biochar plant: the green waste is burnt at 500-700°C. The resulting plant coal can be used as fertilizer. The plant is said to produce 300 tons of plant coal per year. The occuring waste heat will be used to dry the wooden pellets for the CHP.