Green City Freiburg Regional Cluster

Companies and institutions located in the Freiburg Region

The following is an alphabetical listing of companies and service providers that are members of the cluster "Green City Freiburg". You may use the thematic categories on the left to determine which companies are displayed.


aiforia - Agency for Sustainability

We are a young agency with grown experience in sustainability issues on local and regional level: the management of natural resources, the interlinkages between urban and rural activities, the interaction between public administration and society ....

We support local authorities in the development of international sustainability projects, from proposal-writing to the evaluation of implementation. Overall, the transfer of knowlege and good practice is our concern - we facilitate the exchange between peers, on local, national and European level, between policy-makers, technicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, citizens and other stakeholders.

Introducing you to Freiburg's experiences and lessons learnt is part of this approach. With our international work experience, we are able to cast a holistic light on Freiburg's achievements and confront them with the framework conditions in your home country and regions regarding their transferability.

We offer guided study tours to “sustainability hotspots” in Freiburg and its surroundings, tailored to your interests and thematic foci:
explorative city walks and regional tours
presentations and speeches
technical site visits
interviews with actors and experts in the field
meetings with expatriates who can share your perspective
facilitated reflection and discussion on transferability
support information material for consolidation...

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