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Ökostation Freiburg

Freiburg Eco Station: Experience nature – Shape the future

The eco station was opened as part of the Baden-Wurttemberg Regional Garden Exhibition 1986 and is one of the oldest environmental educational institutions in Germany. Every year, over 15,000 visitors and program participants come to the eco station and the organic garden.
The program of activities we offer is directed at an international public with specialized interests. We offer standard guided tours, short seminars and workshops. The guided tours focus mainly on the work of the eco station in the area of environmental education. They also show the ecological model house and the organic garden containing about 150 medicinal plants.
It is possible to choose from the following range of subjects:
Ecological building with the eco station as an example, environmental education in Germany, waste management instruction, use of regenerative energy with the eco station as an example, practical nature conservation in the city, cooperation between non-government organizations and the local authority, further topics by arrangement.
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