Green City Freiburg Regional Cluster

Companies and institutions located in the Freiburg Region

The following is an alphabetical listing of companies and service providers that are members of the cluster "Green City Freiburg". You may use the thematic categories on the left to determine which companies are displayed.


  • The businessmen‘s association 100 Percent Renewable Energy Region Freiburg is an independent pressure group for all economic activities in all areas in the renewable energy field including energy saving and energy efficiency. The association focuses its attention on networking, consulting and PR. more
    Emmy-Noether-Str. 2 | 79110 Freiburg
    +49 761 89781022 | |
    Sectors: Energy, Energy, Solar Technology, Solar Technology, Environmental Technology, Environmental Technology, Building and Construction, Building and Construction, Mobility, Mobility, Green Products, Green Products, Education and Trainings, Education and Trainings

  • We are a young agency with grown experience in sustainability issues, facilitating international exchange and transfer of knowlege. Introducing you to Freiburg Green City is part of this approach – come and take a holistic view on the achievements here vis-á-vis your local framework conditions. more
    Poststr. 2 | 79098 Freiburg
    +49-761-45877830 | |
    Sectors: Education and Trainings

  • Freiburg Eco Station: Experience nature – Shape the future
    The Oekostation - the centre for heightening environmental awareness with charme. The Oekostation offers events, seminars and workshops for the tourists. The topics are environmental education and environmental protection. more
    Falkenbergerstr. 21 B | 79110 Freiburg im Breisgau
    +49 761 892333 | |
    Sectors: Energy, Solar Technology, Green Products, Education and Trainings

  • Goethestraße 61 | 79100 Freiburg
    +49 761 78666 | |
    Sectors: Energy, Solar Technology, Building and Construction, Education and Trainings

  • Eco-friendly 4-star-hotel in Freiburg. 66 rooms with air-conditioning. Sauna and fitness room in the hotel. Wireless internet free of charge. Guests receive free tickets for public transport. The hotel works with regenerative energy. Worldwide excellent for exemplary environment protection. more
    Eisenbahnstraße 54 | 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau
    +49 761 207340 | |
    Sectors: Energy, Solar Technology, Environmental Technology, Green Products, Education and Trainings, Tourism

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