Green City Freiburg Regional Cluster
KlimaschutzteilkonzeptClimate Protection Sub-Concept

Individual Climate Protection Sub-Concept for the Green Industry Park

Until now, climate protection has primarily focused on private homes and buildings. However, industry and trade are two other key players, especially in the area of energy efficiency. In Freiburg, district concepts are on the rise. Next to "Energy District Haslach" and "Power Plant Wiehre", Industrial Park North is one of the first large industrial areas in Germany to have its own climate protection concept. This concept is subsidized up to 50 percent by the Federal Ministry for the Environment’s National Climate Protection Initiative, while the municipal Environmental Protection Department finances the remaining 50 percent. This is yet another example of Freiburg’s role as a nationwide pioneer.

The first step towards a green industrial park and the climate protection sub-concept was to collect data from local companies and several workshops, which together provided a reliable overview of energy flows, including: what is consumed where, where energy is generated, and where waste heat is produced. The second step was to examine whether these energy flows could be optimized. This allowed, for example, one company’s excess waste heat to heat a hall at a neighboring company.

The data resulted in a measures catalog, which makes clear where and with which priority certain measures can be implemented. This also includes an analysis of existing energy infrastructures and the development of appropriate climate protection measures, as well both connecting and paving the way for existing and new, innovative projects. The goal is for companies to benefit from stable or declining operating costs and therefore increase their competitiveness.

You can download the climate protection sub-concept here.