Green City Freiburg Regional Cluster


The activities of the Green City Cluster contribute to better positioning of the cluster member institutions on the international markets for products and services in the areas of renewable and solar energy, energy efficiency, sustainable building and planning, as well as environmental technologies.

The aim is to create and maintain future-oriented employment opportunities for the people of Freiburg and its surrounding region by

  • Public relations and marketing of the Cluster`s competences and the Green City Freiburg with brochures, flyers.
  • Presentation of Freiburg and its region at exhibitions and conferences.
  • Networking in cooperation with the "Wirtschaftsverband 100% Erneuerbare Energien Region Freiburg".
  • Interactive website as central electronic information resource.
  • Support and marketing of "Green Ideas" and model projects.
  • Visitor's service for professionals.