Green City Freiburg Regional Cluster

The Business Network for Environmental and Renewable Energy Industries in Freiburg and the Region

A Growing Market for Environmental and Renewable Energy Technologies & Services

The Freiburg economic region - consisting of the City of Freiburg and the administrative districts of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald and Emmendingen - maintains an innovative business development cluster with a special focus on the environmental and renewable energy sectors.

The 12,000 jobs in 2,000 companies in these sectors represent an important economic component in the region. Companies and institutions with international reputations, as well as many individual pioneers, have contributed to making this possible.

The areas of research and development, technology transfer and environmental education serve as motors in driving a regional economic portfolio covering solar and renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, sustainability (also in buildings), and other green technologies. Especially important is the contribution of small- and medium-sized enterprises representing trades, crafts, production and services.The Regional Cluster "Green City Freiburg" builds on and extends the strengths of the region and ensures they reach international markets.